Friday, May 13, 2011

Looking for a pause button.....

Well, yesterday was Peyton's last day of school! We had such a fun time at the picnic and it was great to see him interact with his class. This mom of course cried when Mrs. Tracy was saying her good byes, I just can't believe he'll be in pre-k next year. Only one more year and I'll be registering him for kindergarten?!?! Where did the time go? He has been so sweet and loving this past week and I have savored every minute of it. I just can't allow myself to believe there will be a day when he doesn't want to kiss his mom good bye before he heads into school! Right now he thinks I know everything, if momma said it it must be true, right? Unfortunately, that too will change. I remember when I just knew my parents were so out of touch they couldn't possibly understand or relate to my life. I am so glad I am at the stage in my life that I now know it will just be a phase. I will make it through those years knowing that Peyton will realize, just as I have, that parents know much more than we do. At 30 something I turn to my parents for advice and guidance on just about everything. They have so much wisdom and I know they will guide me in the right direction. I hope Peyton will one day seek my guidance, and when he does I pray I will have gained enough wisdom from my mom and dad to lead him in the right direction.

On another note, most people know Mark lost his job about 6 weeks ago. It has been so stressful but I know God is faithful and I am trusting in him for our next opportunity. Mark and I are both looking for jobs now so if you hear of anything let us know! Most of all please keep us in your prayers, I am trusting in God but if you know me then you know I like to take care of things myself, in my way! Trying to follow God's lead and submit to his will, not mine!

Friday, October 1, 2010

My Wish For You....

This is hard to believe but a week from tomorrow my baby brother will become a husband! I can't even believe it.He has found an awesome girl. We are so excited to have Carly be a part of our family and she is getting an awesome guy! I can still see him as a little bot with very fine blond hair riding his bike or wearing his roller blades ALL DAY! He has brought such joy to my life and I feel so blessed to have him as a part of my life. Watching Josh grow up has been so fun, we've watched him play every sport possible I think, but we all know football won his heart, and ours. I will always love the Friday nights in the stands with my family cheering on the falcons. Looking back on my life, watching Josh's accomplishments on the football field are some of my favorite memories.
Acouple of nights ago my mom mentioned she might need some help picking a song for her and Josh to dance to at the wedding. After looking for a while I came across My Wish by Rascall Flatts. I have heard this song a hundred times but this time I watched a you tube video so i was reading the lyrics as I was listening and I just felt tears running down my face, it was the perfect song. I realized this song truly was my wish for so many people in my life but for now it's my prayer for my brother.
My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to, you're dreams stay big, you're worries stay small, may you never have to carry more than you can hold.
I love you more than you know little brother!

Happily Ever After....

Well, Meredith and Bryan are now husband and wife! Their wedding was absolutely beautiful and I think exactly what they wanted. I didn't realize how much energy I was putting into Mere's wedding until it was over and we came home. It was so wierd to not be on the phone talking wedding or on the computer trying to find something we still needed. I love my sister so much and I am so glad I was so involved in her wedding. It was an experience I will always cherish and I will miss the nightly phone calls asking me to do something for her. Bryan is a very lucky guy and we are so glad to have him join our family!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

it's always something...

So, when I finally decided to start blogging the computer gets a virus and I was without it for a couple of weeks. I think I was always worried about sounding like everything was perfect I never had anything to write about. I read a friends blog and she was so transparent and honest I decided to just start blogging about life, REAL life.
We had a great holiday weekend. Got up early sunday morning and went to run the peachtree with about 15 family members! We all had so much fun although it was hard for some of us to walk the next day! I can tell i'm getting old because i chose to come home and go to bed instead of going to see fireworks, something I would never do! Kind of sucked that Peyton finally spent the night out and we had to be in bed early to get up at 5 and go run but oh well, maybe he'll be invited back for a sleep over again. :)
I feel like I've been involved in an alternate universe since I have become obsessed with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. If you haven't read it I would highly recommend it! Sad that I finished to last book today, gotta find something new to read, any suggestions?

Friday, May 21, 2010

you're gonna miss this....

Sometimes you just need to cry! Anybody know what I mean? Since I am pretty sure not a single person reads this blog I feel pretty safe venting here. Some days are just hard. Lately it seems like every day is hard, actually. Peyton's only tone of voice seems to be whiny (sp?)! The 2's were easy compared to raising this 3 year old! I love being able to work 2 days a week b/c it just gives us a break from each other but then I feel guilty b/c my parents have to keep him and I know he is a handful for them. I just wish there was one night I didn't have to wait for him to finally fall asleep just so i felt comfortable going to sleep only to wake up about 6:30 with him two inches from my face asking for milk or raisin toast. I know, I should be grateful to have him in my face every morning, some people would give anything for that blessing. Don't get me wrong, I am so blessed to be P's mom and thank God for allowing me to raise his child. I think it's just the never ending need. Ever feel like you take care of everyone and no one takes care of you. I know, mom's need to take care of themselves, but who has time for that? I am so lucky to have a husband who works crazy hours at two jobs to provide for us but sometimes I want to hand him P and say "I'm going to bed, wake me up about noon." How selfish is that? He works two jobs, I think I can get up and make breakfast every morning! This train of thought has been all over the place! I sound like such a complainer, guess now I know where P gets his whining from! I remind myself daily "you're gonna miss this..." and get teary eyed. I'm gonna miss P asking me to make a bridge with my legs, making play-doh pizzas, making sure buzz lightyear jammies are always clean, and watching him looking for his muscles to get bigger when he eats fruit and veggies. He is so precious and says something everyday that catches me off guard or makes me laugh.
They say it takes a village to raise a child and he is blessed with an awesome "village". I think us moms need a village too! Just someone to tell us we're doing a good job and our kids won't grow up to be awful adults! (or someone to let us take a nap once a year) If you have a big, strong support system, be thankful! If you don't, ask for one! People will help if you ask them! If they offer, say yes! Don't be like me and say no and act like you've got it all together and get home and feel like you're gonna lose your mind! Sometimes I just have to take a step back. At the end of the day if the floors are dirty and dishes are in the sink it just really doesn't matter. We are happy and healthy and we had fun today! I doubt P will remember if the kitchen floor always sparkled but hopefully he'll remember we had a lunch date and played in the fort we made in the dining room. Hopefully he'll remember we cuddled and watched cartoons after his nap and we made pizzas for dinner, because I know I'll remember and I'll miss every minute of it!

Friday, April 30, 2010

can i go to bed before my 3 year old?

I am going to pull all of my hair out! P didn't nap today so now all he is doing is crying and whining - without stopping! There is only so much I can take. I want to go pull the covers over my head and go to sleep! Wis Mark was home tonight so I could escape for at least 15 minutes! I feel like such a bad mom, but I think i will be a worse mom if I hear any more whiny voice saying "MOMMY?, MOMMY!, MOMMY!!!!"
Can anybody relate! I swear he is yelling mommy over and over as I am typing! I can just feel myself about to yell! Deep breaths! Thanks for letting me vent cyber world, better go see what the precious little angel needs!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I can't believe I am blogging.....

Well, I finally did it! I actually created a I crazy? Does anyone really care what I have to say? Probably not but I do have an adorable two year old I'll post pictures of! I think this was just a great excuse not to get off my butt and go clean the bathroom. :)

Hopefully I'll keep the blog updated at least weekly so those of you we don't get to see often will know what we're up to! Stay posted, life in our house is sometimes crazy but I love it....